Board Zones

Game Board


The Present

The present is the game board itself, each player has 10 zones organised into 2 rows over 5 lanes where cards are placed when played.

Each player can control up to 5 Creatures on the front row and 5 back row cards at any time. In addition to this each player has 1 World zone resulting in 11 zones per player. Worlds, Creatures, Devices, Domains and Specialists that are on the board are in “the present”.

The Past

The past is your discard pile. When a Creature dies, a Back Row Card is destroyed or an Event resolves it will move to the past.

The Future

The future is your draw pile and contains the deck you bring with you into battle. Your draw pile gradually diminishes as more cards enter your hand, the past or the present.

Each player has their own future.

You draw 1 card from your future at the start of your turn, except on the Mulligan Phase.

Attempting to draw a card when there are no more cards in your future will cause you to lose the game.

The Hand

Your hand contains the cards you can play. You start the game with 4 cards in your hand, and at the beginning of each of your turns you will draw an additional card from your future.

Your hand can hold up to 10 cards. If you draw a card while your hand is full, the card you just drew goes directly to the past.

Beyond the Timeline

Some cards can Erase other cards. Erased cards are removed from time and space; they are essentially gone from the game and cannot be brought back.


Your Shield is what’s keeping you alive. If destroyed, you are forced to flee the battle and thereby lose the game. Both players start the game with 30 points on their Shields and if you bring your opponents shield down to 0 you win the game.


All cards cost Artron to cast. Each card’s cost is shown as a blue number in the upper left corner of the card.

When a match begins, both players start out with 4 Artron Cells, which is increased by 1 at the start of every turn, up to a maximum of 15.

Spent Artron Cells recharge automatically at the start of your turn.


Pressing the Power button will draw 1 card at a cost of expelling 2 Artron Cells. This can only be done during your own turn.