Abilities are written on each card and describe how that card can be used in gameplay.

Activated Ability

Activated Abilities usually have an Artron cost stated on the card and depending on the ability, can be triggered by playing a card or clicking a card when its already on the board. Some cards have the "On Play" modifier that activates the ability as soon as it is played.


Used to play cards to the board and refreshes with +1 at the stat of your turn to a maximum of 15. Artron can be affected by card abilities or power.

Back Row Cards

All Devices, Domains and specialists are Back Row Cards and can only be played to the back row of the board.

Beyond the Timeline

Some cards have the ability to send others Beyond the Timeline. Players cannot resurrect cards from here.

Core Game Card Set

The collection of free cards you are given when starting the game.


The deck of cars you begun the game with, if it reaches 0 before you beat your opponent you lose.

Hand (Your hand)

The cards that a player holds in there hand. The maximum cards that can be held in Hand is 10. If the player drwas any cards from the Future while they have 10 cards in hand the drawn cards will be sent directly to the Past.


A one off phase at the start of the game where you and your opponent can choose up to two cards to be added back into your futures and draw two more.


Cards in the past have died or been destroyed. Some card abilities can interact or resurrect cards from the Past.


Method of drawing a card on your turn and expelling two Artron cells. Best used after accumulating a number of Artron cell, due to being left behind your opponent by 2 Artron for the remainder of the game.


Cards in the hand of you and your opponent and all cards on the board are in the present.

Triggered Ability

A cards Triggered Ability will occur when the card is on the board and the game state reaches a specific turn phase. For example, “At the end of your turn, draw a card”.



When a card is given armour the value stated in the Ability description will be added on top of the cards health increasing it.


A copy of a Creature keeps its target's health and attack values as well as any additional effects, except any modifications gained from attachments.

Copies can also enter the past and behave like normal cards for the rest of the game, but are removed from a deck at the end of each match.


When a card is destroyed, it is removed from the present and put into the past. (Destroyed creatures die)


Erasing a card removes it from the game completely and sends it Beyond the Timeline instead of sending it to the past.


Exterminate is when a Dalek deals damage to another creature equal to its attack. The Dalek is stunned after it has exterminated. This does NOT count as a fight, since there is no attacking or blocking happening. If there are multiple valid targets, the target is chosen from left to right.


Creatures with Flight can only be blocked by other Creatures with Flight.


A Creature with Guard will automatically block all incoming attacks and can also have a Triggered Ability when it's blocking.


Cards with Instant can be played during your opponent’s turn in the Reaction Phase, in addition to being played during your Main Phases.


Creatures with Intimidate can not be blocked by an enemy creature that has 3 attack or less.

Materialism (Summoning Sickness)

A played card requires one turn before it can be interacted with by either player.


If the dealing damage exceeds the blocker creature’s health, the excess damage goes to the player shield


If a Creature has been Poisoned at the end of the turn deal 1 damage to this creatures health.


If opponent card blocks an attack from this creature, give poisoned to that card.


Cards wiht Rush can attack the turn it's played if there is an opposing Creature. Rush cannot be used to attack an opponents shield directly as the keyword can only apply to cards on the board.


Cards with the word sacrifice as part of their activation cost, die upon activation. This essentially means that the ability can only be used once at the additional expense of the activating creature dying. A Cards Ability can also instruct the player to Sacrifice other cards. For example "sacrifice your lowest cost card to activate this cards Ability".


Creatures that have been Stuned cannot Attack or Block until the end of the controling players next turn.


Token cards can’t be owned and are only generated via another cards abilities.


When Track is triggered by a card, the user is presented with 3 cards options from their future. They then select one to put on top of their future. The other 2 options are erased.