How to Play

Aim of the Game

The winner is the player who has the most overall Power at the end of the game after all six turns have been taken. Your overall Power score is the combined total of Power displayed on the cards you have played to the board AND the Worlds which you have won.


Getting Started

Your avatar and name appear toward the bottom left of the screen and your opponent’s is shown top-left.

Both players have a deck of 13 cards. You’ll start with three active cards in your hand, and you’ll draw another card to your hand at the start of every turn.

Your starting deck includes one World card, and at the beginning of the game both player’s World cards will automatically be played to the Timeline along with two randomly chosen World cards.

Turns are synchronous and you can play one or more cards each turn.

On most turns, the player with the highest Power score places their cards first - but on turn one the starting player will be selected at random.

Inspecting a Card


Tapping or clicking on a card on the board or in your hand allows you to see the card, its ability description, and any buffs or de-buffs that it might have received. Tap or click anywhere on the Card Inspector to close this screen.

The Gameboard

On each of the six turns, the TARDIS progresses along the Timeline that runs through the centre of the screen. As the TARDIS moves, the Present is highlighted in blue.


To the right of the TARDIS is the Future; to its left is the Past.


Some cards may be affected by being in the Past, Present or Future, so it is important to consider the abilities of each card when choosing where to place them.

Cards can be placed anywhere on your side of the board.



Playing cards to the board costs Artron energy. Both players receive +1 Artron each turn, so as the game progresses you can play more cards or higher cost cards.


Overall Power

Remember, the player with the greater overall Power score at the end of the game is the winner.

Ending a Turn

Press the End Turn button when you have finished placing cards.

Once both players have done this, play progresses to reveal the cards played for that turn. Cards will be flipped over and revealed in the order they were played in.

The current active player is the player with more overall power. It is their cards which are revealed first.

As cards are revealed, their abilities are activated so it is important to place cards in the order you want the effects to be activated.


If a card receives damage to its Power total, that Power total is shown in red. If the Power reaches zero or less, then the card is destroyed and removed from the board.

You may have a maximum of seven cards in your hand at any time. If a card is added when a player already holds seven cards, it is automatically destroyed.



The first two World cards are revealed at the start of the game. On turn four, the last two World cards are revealed.


When the TARDIS lands on a World, that World becomes located in the Present and its ability is activated.


Winning a World Clash

When a World is in the Present and the turn has been played, a World Clash takes place.


All the cards in the Present are totalled up for each player, and whoever has more Power wins the World.

The World moves towards the winning player’s side of the board and its Power total is added to that player’s overall Power score.


Inspecting a World

Tapping or clicking on a World allows the player to see the World Card and its ability description. Tap or click anywhere on the World Inspector to close this screen.


End of Game

The game ends when all six rounds have been completed. At this point, all card and World abilities are resolved for the last time and the overall Power scores are updated to reveal the winner of the game!